Intelligent minibar management.

Built by geeks minibar management.

On all platforms.

Minibar attendants can restock rooms using Minibarra for iOS. Managers can track metrics and take control of minibar management.

Supercharge Your Workflow

Minibar attendants can charge sales to guest folios, take inventory, and record wastage on Minibarra for iOS.

ReclaIm Your Workday.

Track sales, wastage, special requests, and employee productivity. All on Minibarra Analytics, our dashboard for managers.

24/7 Support. Free, forever.

Every chance to speak to our clients is an opportunity to make a better product. We will never charge for support, maintenance, or installation.

We'll move heaven and earth to keep you happy.


Pre-Launch Signup*

Phase one is due to launch in Autumn 2016.
*We are only accepting 10 hotels in our phase one launch. Signing up does not guarantee a place in phase one.